EBC Designer


  • Fixed a problem with some connections: Type not found for input/output selection
September 2011
  • Usings support for all types selected by new type browser
  • Fixed Problem: Item Template not showing up in „Add new item“ list
August-26-2011 Integrated the new type-browser
August-17-2011 Fixed bugs in current version:

  • Usings support for nested types
  • Line-endings
August-12-2011 The designer extension is now available via the VS Gallery
August-12-2011 Fixed bug in current version:

  • Automatic Usings-Generation error when using generic types
August-09-2011 Improved  current version:

  • Added automatic Usings-Generation
  • Graphics improvements
August-05-2011 New Version  online:

  • Added custom editors for types, inputs and outputs

Download latest version:

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