• July 2012: Simplified and refractored storage modules / UI improvements / bug fixes / workflow types are organized in a tree view
  • May 2012: Published on codeproject (latest stable version)
  • April 2012: Error handling / invalid XAML display / direct XAML edit added
  • February 2012: DynamicActivity / ActivityBuilder sample added
  • February 2012: Infrastructure for storage added
  • December 2011: Basic modules created

Dynamic Rehosted Workflow Designer for WF 4

A framework allowing you to integrate the WF 4 workflow designer more easily in your own applications. The framework solves many common tasks for WF developers, like saving and loading the workflows, error handling or toolbox initialization. Through it´s dynamic architecture, based on PRISM modules and custom interfaces, the framework is very flexible and can be integrated into any WPF application.


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Planned features

  • Update to .NET 4.5
  • Support for state machine activities